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Welcome to Piedmont Ear, Nose, Throat and Related Allergy

The treatment team at Piedmont Ear, Nose, Throat and Related Allergy, is committed to providing you with cutting edge ENT therapies to mitigate symptoms and treat their causes. One in five Americans suffers from one kind of allergy or another and Atlanta allergy sufferers are no exception. Many of those allergies can show through symptoms affecting the ear, nose and throat, such as runny noses, nasal congestion, ear fullness or popping, itchy ears and eyes and hoarseness of voice.

We offer evaluation and treatment for environmental and food allergies, chronic sinus disorders, voice and swallowing disorders, hearing and balance problems, snoring and sleep apnea issues, all of which relate to ENT issues.

We serve Atlanta’s ENT treatment needs as members of the Piedmont Hospital medical staff and we utilize Piedmont as our primary campus. Our ENT physicians hold board certification from the American Board of Otolaryngology and certification in Sleep Medicine through the American Board of Otolaryngology. They are backed by licensed and certified clinical and administrative staff members who support all of our patient care.

Our practice areas include:

  • Rhinology (Nose & Sinus) – Symptoms: runny nose, nasal congestion, post-nasal drainage, sinus pressure, itching, cough, ear fullness or popping, itchy ears and eyes, skin rashes, intolerance to foods, stomach bloating, fatigue.
  • Otology /Neurotology (Ear) – Symptoms: ear pain, pressure, popping, drainage, ringing; hearing loss, dizziness.
  • Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Symptoms or conditions: crooked nose, drooping of the eyelids, puffy eyes, sagging neck and face, scaring or just a desire to improve your facial aesthetics.
  • Head and Neck – Symptoms: sore throat, parotid masses, thyroid masses, neck masses, snoring, swollen lymph nodes, salivary disorders, swelling in the head or neck.
  • Laryngology (Voice and Swallowing) – Symptoms: hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, breathing difficulty, weak voice, sore throat, throat clearing cough.
  • Sleep Medicine – Symptoms: excessive tiredness can be treated after monitoring sleep levels, heart rate and rhythm, breathing patterns, and oxygenation.

At Piedmont ENT we are able to provide a complete range of ENT, Allergy, Sleep and Audiology services to Atlanta metro residents through a single treatment center with the full resources of Piedmont Hospital and several excellent outpatient surgery centers. We invite you to learn more about our ear, nose, allergy treatment and hearing services by exploring our patient education videos, visiting our website pages for information regarding our staff and services offered, and stopping by our active BlogContact us today to schedule your appointment.  You’ll be glad you did.