Comprehensive testing for food, chemical, and environmental stimuli sensitivity has never been so easy.

About Alcat Technology

Cell Science Systems, Corp. developed the Alcat Test to measure personalized nutrition at the cellular level. Alcat stands for antigen leukocyte antibody test.

The core technology is a blood test that measures the body's cellular response to “challenges” from a wide array of substances. It measures changes in size and volume of white blood cells in response to ex vivo challenges with foods, chemicals, and other environmental stimuli.

The Alcat Test is not a type of histamine/allergy or IgE test.

The test was validated by demonstrating a high correlation in double-blind oral challenges with both foods and food additives. In addition, a controlled study from Baylor Medical College reported 98% success for weight loss and/or improvement in body composition from patients that followed the recommended Alcat Rotation Plan, an unparalleled achievement.

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Food Intolerance

Now more than ever, diet plays a critical role in preventing a wide range of degenerative diseases and premature aging.

The immune system is a double-edged sword. It should react appropriately and protect against infection when confronted with harmful invaders or "infectious agents" like viruses or bacteria. Unfortunately for some, exposure to common foods, chemicals, molds, and herbs, may trigger chronic activation of the immune system.

For over 25 years, the Alcat test has provided healthcare professionals and their patients with a tool for managing a wide variety of conditions linked to food sensitivity, inflammation, and chronic activation for the immune system, such as:

  • Migraines
  • Aching joints
  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Eczema
  • Hyperactivity
  • Asthma
  • Obesity

Why Alcat Food Sensitivity Test?

  • FDA inspected certified laboratory
  • Available in over 20 countries worldwide
  • Over 400 available test agents (foods/additives, medicinal herbs, molds, and chemicals)
  • Nationwide physician referral network
  • Results available within 5 business days
  • Meal plans/recipes available
  • Nutritional counselors are available

Alcat Testing Procedure

Testing is very simple:

  1. We draw a small blood sample
  2. We send it to laboratory overnight
  3. Results come back within 5 business days
  4. We call you and setup a follow up appointment to review your results

Test results include:

  • An easy to understand color-coded test report
  • “Foods to” avoid list
  • A comprehensive "Understanding Your Alcat Test Results" guidebook
  • A personalized rotation plan
  • A practical shopping guide and restaurant card

The Alcat Test enables you to take advantage of leading technology to create a personalized nutrition plan resulting in benefits that can be seen and felt.

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