Mohammad Seyyedi Headshot 1Dr. Mohammad Seyyedi is an ENT doctor and subspecialized in otology/neurotology.

He enriched his expertise through a fellowship in a rare and specialized field, Otopathology, at the Otolaryngology Department of Harvard Medical School. He also completed two clinical otology/neurotology fellowships at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis and Christiana Care in Wilmington, Delaware, under the mentorship of internationally recognized clinician-scientists. He has been practicing medicine in different capacities for more than 20 years and he served as an associate professor at the Medical College of Georgia and treated patients with complex ear disease with evidence-based medicine and advanced surgical techniques while providing training to medical students and otolaryngology residents. He received the Exemplary Teaching Award in this capacity. As a clinician-scientist, he has been very active in research and his papers were cited more than several hundred times in the research community. Dr. Seyyedi graduated from Tehran Medical School and completed otolaryngology residency at Mashhad Medical University and moved to the United States to advance his training.

Dr. Mohammad Seyyedi is specialized in the diagnosis and management of ear disorders in adults and children. He treats hearing loss using hearing aids, or by using implantable devices such as bone-anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants. He also treats otosclerosis, cholesteatoma, acoustic neuroma, and chronic ear infection as well as complex dizziness disorders such as Meniere’s disease, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, and vestibular migraine. Together with the on-site audiologists, Dr. Seyyedi provides full spectrum otology care to the patients.

His dedication to excellence in healthcare is evidenced by his recognition by his patients’ feedback in different independent rating websites.

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